The Best 5-Day Ireland Itinerary for an Awesome Jam Packed Week

May 17, 2018

After finishing up my LAST semester at college (phew!), I've decided to completely return to blogging and dedicate a lot of time to Just That Tall Girl. I'm currently writing from Rome, about a week and a half into my trip. After graduation my roommate and I decided to tour Europe for 20 days!

The first place we decided to go was Ireland and we spent five nights and almost six full days in Ireland and we thought our itinerary worked out really well so I wanted to share it and talk a bit about what I wore (of course!).

Day 1 - Dublin

-Fly into Dublin, Ireland at Noon
-Walk around the city of Dublin & have lunch
-Walk around Trinity College 
-Go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner (We stayed at the Blooms Hotel)
-Go to the dinner show, Celtic Nights, at the Arlington Hotel

What's so great about this is that we stayed right in the city center so we were walking distance to everything we wanted to do in Dublin. Celtic Nights was an incredible show. They had traditional Irish songs (one's my family would always play at parties!), and Irish step dancers. It bought me back to my Irish step dancing days which is always a good memory.

Walking around Trinity College
Our view walking to dinner

What I wore during the day: 

What I wore to the dinner show: 

Day 2 - Dublin/Start Driving

-Wake up and walk to breakfast
-Tour the Dublin Castle
-Stay in County Cavan

What made our Day 2 really incredible is that we got to visit my family in County Cavan! What I've learned from this trip is that one of the best ways to really experience Ireland is to make sure you visit smaller towns and go to a restaurant or pub there. We went to White's Bar in Lough Gowna, Cavan, after a wonderful dinner with my family and it was incredibly fun! Not only did everyone know each other, but the bartender was wonderful. It was probably the best night we had in Ireland.

Walking around in Dublin

Touring the Dublin Castle
What I wore: 

Day 3 - LoughRea

-Wake up and tour the Aillwee caves
-Check into Lough Rea Hotel + Spa
-Get spa treatments
-Have dinner at the hotel

Today was a relaxing day for us! After all the traveling to get to Ireland and all the stress of graduation, a nice spa day sounded amazing. We stayed at the Lough Rea Hotel + Spa and got spa treatments (I got the deep tissue full body massage which was heaven!). We then had dinner at the hotel and made some friends and just hung out in the hotel bar and lounge. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. This has been our favorite hotel.

Day 4 - West Coast 

-Go horseback riding at Mountain View Horse Riding Centre 
-Visit the Cliffs of Moher
-Check into hotel in Galway (We stayed at the Jury's Inn)
-Go to Dinner in Galway (We went to Trattoria Magnetti)
-Do the Galway Pub Crawl

Horseback riding was definitely the highlight of this day! Galway felt a lot more touristy than Dublin which we found really surprising. However, we did get an amazing dinner in Galway at this Italian restaurant down the street from our hotel called Trattoria Magnetti.

Horseback Riding (My horse's name was Guinness) 

Cliffs of Moher

Day 5 - Galway/Dublin

-Shop around Galway
-Drive to Dublin (We stopped at the Trim Castle on the way!)
-Go to dinner (We went to Yamamori with my family)
-Go to the pubs (Our favorite place was The Old Storehouse)

This was one of our most fun nights out! We met up with some of my family members who live right outside of Dublin and went to dinner with them at Yamamori and then went out for a drink. My friend and I then headed to The Old Storehouse and listened to some live music. The singer that night was Jake Suleman from AcousticA and he was INCREDIBLE! I have decided he's going to sing at my wedding and I'm very excited about it. After that we went to Club M, which is a nightclub attached to our hotel and it was pretty fun as well. It was quite empty but had what we believe was a bachelor party there so that was fun and entertaining!

Shopping around in Galway

We found this rainbow by Trim Castle! 

What I wore: 
  • Jeans from Zumiez 
  • Michael Kors T-shirt 
  • Michael 

Day 6 - Dublin

This was our last day in Dublin so we got lunch and shopped around a bit before we headed to the airport to catch a flight to Milan. Stay tuned for what we did in Milan and Venice! Rome, Athens and Santorini to come!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love the pictures you took.

  2. Wow! This does looks like such an amazing weekend!! Lovely pictures!

  3. This would be handy while we were living in Ireland! Dublin has an amazing vibe but Galway was our favorite city of all, we had such a great time!
    Have a beautiful weekend,

    Patricia & Miguel

    1. We were just so in love with the whole country! :) Have a great weekend!


  4. This looks so much fun! I definitely have Dublin on the top part of my bucket list. Such a beautiful city, with so much history.

    Jessica |

    1. It was incredible! Definitely visit Dublin when you get the chance.


  5. Ahh, a European adventure! I love it! My best friend and I did something similar after undergrad- we jetted off to London for about a week and a half. SUCH an amazing trip- enjoy yours!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. That sounds so fun! And yes, it is the perfect time to do a big trip! :)


  6. Ireland sounds amazing! Would love to visit it some time :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

    1. You definitely should! It is one of my favorite places :)


  7. What a fun trip! Love the magical rainbow and horseback riding is way fun.

  8. This trip looks absolutely fabulous! Glad you had a great time. I'd love to visit Ireland someday :)

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Thank you Eena! You should definitely visit when you get the opportunity! :)

  9. Ah I want to visit Ireland! I have some friends who just went and they absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Thanks Didier! You should definitely go!!

  10. Looks like you had an amazing time! Love your outfits, so stylish for Ireland :)
    Nice photos too :-)
    Happy Tuesday!
    Olivia Poncelet <3

  11. I love Dublin! My only regret about my visit there is that I didn't visit the surrounding areas more. The country side seems so nice in Ireland

    1. It is amazing!! Next time you go, be sure to go drive around next time! :)