Sweater Weather

January 25, 2018

My favorite type of weather is the kind that you can walk around in just a sweater and cute skirt and not be too hot or too cold. This is definitely a tricky thing to ask, especially when I'm at school in Alabama where the weather is super cold in the morning but can get into the 70s during the day (hot hot hot!).

I was so lucky to be able to do a shoot with Josh Owens just before the holidays and I wanted to share the photos and my sweater checklist. Be sure to check out Josh Owens' website and Instagram! Check out what I wore at the end of this post.

Because sweaters are so addicting and sometimes we just want to buy them all (am I right!?). Below is my sweater checklist that I go through before I purchase one.

The Perfect Sweater Checklist 

1. Oversized 

I like oversized sweaters because you feel like you can just live in them forever! I've found these are the most comfortable and you can pair them with leggings, jeans or a skirt.

2. Super Comfortable (not itchy fabrics!)

The worst thing ever is buying a sweater online and finding out it's super itchy and uncomfortable when it comes in the mail. This is why I like to do most of my sweater shopping in the store.

3. Practical 

I like sweaters that will match with everything because sweaters are a lot harder to store and take up much more space, so I like to only have a few at one time. My favorite sweaters are ones in more neutral colors that I can wear with almost anything!

What do you always look for in a sweater?

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  1. Itchy fabrics are the worst. I always look for cut, something that is slouchy but complimentary too.